Few General Teachings of His Holiness Hazrath Moulana Ghousavi Shah
God Almighty, is the creator of all things in the Universe
God alone is the giver of profits and losses
God the high above, fulfils the inherent needs and demands of whole of his creation to the highest pitch (directly as well as through some media or source)
God is neither a soul nor merely a power, but He is the creator of all such forces
Nothing is self existing in reality but is subject to the act of creator i.e. God.
God is apparent by the shape of everything and is free from every shape. Everything is manifestation of God yet He is infinite and above His manifestations
God is light and existence, whereas the creation without Him, infact, is in the darkness of non-existence
God is found of expression and man is in want of existence
The human being is the everlasting bondman of the God high above (Man is the eternal and permanent slave of God)
Nothing has movement, except with the force of God
Believe that God is with me and every act of me is in His sight
We should worship God in a manner, as if we are seeing Him
Man is bound to believe and accept all the previous prophets and messengers of God, with the due respect and without any prejudice. Man should also believe in the Holy Books and scriptures, revealed upon then by God. The vested interest of priest lords have, perhaps, corrupted some of the teachings. Now all human beings should follow the tenents of Islam, as enjoined in the Holy Quran and the traditions of Holy Prophet Hazarath Mohammad(PBUH) which cover and complete the mission of the all previous messengers of God.
The Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrath Mohammad (PBHU) is the last of God's messenger's He is for the whole universe and for all time
The Holy Principle of La-Elaaha-illallahu Mohammadur-Rasoolullahi. (There is no God save Allah and Mohammad S.A. is his Prophet), is the guiding light from God and final and obligatory commandment
In the light of Islam, all himan beings are equal in the eyes of God irrespective of caste, creed class, colour. If there is any difference, it is on account of their good deeds
Patriotism is part and parcel of belief (i.e.Iman)
As per one Hadees, our beloved Prophet Hazrath Mohammad (PBUH) felt the smell of love from our motherland India. We are proud of being Indians. According to teaching of Islam one should give respect and be obedient to the ruler of his country and follow the constitution and rule of his motherland
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